Terms of use

Browsing the Surfboard Templates website is absolutely free and doesn’t require you create an account. All the hosted templates can therefore be freely displayed, but not downloaded.

Access to the other website features, mainly submitting and downloading templates, implies that you create an account, this process being free of charge.

Creating an account allows the user to:

  • Download templates
  • Rate templates
  • Submit his/her own templates *
  • Insert comments on templates *

The user commits his/herself to submit templates of his/her own, which will ideally already have resulted in an achievement, i.e. a real surfboard, in order to guarantee the template viability.

Surfboard Templates assumes no liability whatsoever regarding the kind of the content submitted and the potential intellectual property rights infringement they could represent. The website attributions remain expressly limited to an hosting provider role, not a content publisher.

* These activities imply a quality check of the information entered before they’re actually published.