How to contribute

First of all, in case you still haven’t done it: you have to create an account, which is absolutely free. Once you’re logged in, simply click on Contribute to display the form in which you will enter all the data for your template.

Reminder: you commit yourself to submit templates of your own, which will ideally already have resulted in an achievement, i.e. a real surfboard, in order to guarantee the template viability.

The fields should be self-explanatory, though you can also have a look at the Reference section for additional technical information. Here are some tips for entering your template:

  • Please enter as much information as possible, so that your template is tagged appropriately.
  • You can submit any kind of template (.brd, .s3d, .stp…), whatever modeling software you use (Aku Shaper, BoardCAD, Shape 3D…).

Once your form is filled, you can click on Submit. However, your template will not be immediately published as it will first be checked by a moderator, before it is put online. The moderator may also contact you by email, should some information be missing. Once your templated approved, it will be available on Surfboard Templates through direct browsing or search functions.