Meant as an add-on to the wealth of technical resources available on the shapers forums, like Swaylock’s or the French Shaperoom, this website intends to be an online sharing repository for the surfboard templates, which allow printing the paper templates that will be used to create a surfboard.

It also features advanced search criteria, allowing you to easily browse the surboard category you are looking for. You may ask yourself the reason for such a repository. Fact is that the vast majority of the shapers that use these templates are “amateur” shapers, and as such not necessarily aware of each and every design hint that would allow them to develop their dream board. Therefore, offering them the expertise and know-how of the more capable ones would enable a kind of democratization for amateur shaping, in that it opens up to people that would not have necessarily taken the plunge without such a support.

This website, on which everyone is free to submit his/her works, doesn’t aim at any other thing than mutual aid, the more skilled shapers helping the inexperienced ones. All in all, much like a shapers forum…